🎄Twelve Days of Christmas: Real Estate Edition! 🎁

On the Twelfth day of Christmas,

My REALTORⓇ gave to me

Twelve reasons to love him

Eleven day notice to closing

Ten reasons not to worry

Nine inspection issues handled

Eight thousand dollars saved

Seven Agents a-calling

Six Buyer’s offers

Five golden rules*

Four staging tips

Three ways to reach him via call, text and email

Two cleaning tips and

A key to the home of my dreams

Five Golden Rules:

1️⃣ Hire a REALTORⓇ who puts you first #HumansOverHouses

2️⃣ Trust your REALTORⓇ and ask questions along the way 

3️⃣ Prepare to sell/buy your home – get prequalified, meet with your REALTORⓇ, fix the minor issues around your home before listing and so on 

4️⃣ Price your home right and/or know the purchase price you’re comfortable with when buying 

5️⃣ Be willing to get creative when negotiating